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2015政府工作报告中英文全文翻译Report on the Work of the Government(3)

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文章摘要:2015政府工作报告中英文全文翻译Report on the Work of the Government(3),掺了海融佛殿,渺小盗名欺世汉光。


Third, we stepped up structural adjustments to make China’s development more sustainable.

We took proactive steps to address prominent structural problems and supported the development of certain areas while containing the development of others, focusing on urgently needed initiatives that promise long-term benefits. Our goal herein has been to lay a firm foundation for economic and social development


Work was done to strengthen the foundations of agriculture. We increased policy support to strengthen agriculture, benefit farmers, and raise rural living standards. Grain output increased for the 11th consecutive year, and the income of rural residents grew faster than that of urban residents for the fifth year running. Overall agricultural production capacity was steadily improved. Agricultural science and technology continued to be strengthened, and agriculture was further mechanized. The pace of progress in the construction of major water conservancy projects was stepped up. Farmland under water-saving irrigation was increased by 2.23 million hectares. An additional 230,000 kilometers of roads were built of upgraded in rural areas. We launched a new round of efforts to return more marginal farmland to forest or grassland. The work to determine, register, and certify contracted rural land-use rights proceeded as planned, and new types of agricultural businesses registered faster growth.

大力调整产业结构。着力培育新的增长点,促进服务业加快发展,支持发展移动互联网、集成电路、高端装备制造、新能源汽车等战略性新兴产业,互联网金融异军突起,电子商务、物流快递等新业态快速成长,众多"创客"脱颖而出,文化创意产业蓬勃发展。同时,继续化解过剩产能,钢铁、水泥等 15 个重点行业淘汰落后产能年度任务如期完成。加强雾噩治理,淘汰黄标车和老旧车指标超额完成。

We channeled great energy into making adjustments in the structure of industry. We focused on fostering new areas of growth by encouraging the service sector to develop more quickly, and supporting the development of strategic emerging industries, including the mobile Internet industry, the integrated circuits industry, high-end equipment manufacturing, and the new-energy vehicles industry. Internet-based finance rose swiftly to prominence. B-commerce, logistics, express delivery services and other emerging businesses developed rapidly. We have seen creators coming thick and fast, and the cultural and creative industries have been developing with great vitality. At the same time, we continued to cut overcapacity. Fifteen key industries including steel and cement achieved their task for the year of shutting down outdated production facilities as scheduled. We stepped up efforts to prevent and control smog and surpassed this year's targets for removing high-emission and old vehicles from the roads.

推进基础设施建设和区域协调发展。京津冀协同发展、长江经济带建设取得重要进展。新建铁路投产里程 8427 公里,高速铁路运营里程达1. 6 万公里,占世界的 60% 以上。高速公路通车里程达 11. 2 万公里,水路、民航、管道建设进一步加强。农网改造稳步进行。宽带用户超过 7. 8亿户。经过多年努力,南水北调中线一期工程正式通水,惠及沿线亿万群众。

Progress was made in developing infrastructure and promoting coordinated development among regions. Significant progress was made in coordinated development for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and in building the Yangtze Economic Belt. An additional 8,427 kilometers of railway lines were put into operation. The length of high-speed railways that are up and running in China reached 16,000 kilometers, accounting for more than 60% of the world's total. The length of the country's expressways open to traffic grew to total 112,000 kilometers. Waterways, civil aviation, and pipelines were all further developed. Steady progress was made in upgrading rural power grids. The number of broadband Internet users exceeded 780 million. Thanks to many years of hard work, the first phase of the middle route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project was officially put into operation, benefiting millions of people along the route.


We implemented the strategy of innovation-driven development. We worked to commercialize research and development deliverables, expanded the scope of trial policies from the Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone, and ensured that scientific and technological resources were openly shared. All this has been helping to constantly unleash the creativity of scientists and engineers. Breakthroughs have been made in major research projects such as supercomputing, the lunar exploration program, and satellite applications, and a regional jet developed and produced in China has been successfully put into service.


Fourth, we worked on developing a tightly woven and sturdy safety net to secure and improve living standards.


We continued to put people first, sustaining increases to spending in areas that are important to improving standards of living. We have been working to build up a basic safety net, ensure there is a cushion in place for those most in need, and make relevant institutional arrangements. Despite a slowdown in the growth of government revenue and increased pressure on expenditures, more than 70% of last year's government budget was spent on ensuring standards of living.

加强就业和社会保障。完善就业促进政策,推出创业引领计划,高校毕业生就业稳中有升。统一城乡居民基本养老保险制度,企业退休人员基本养老金水平又提高10%。新开工保障性安居工程 740万套,基本建成511万套。全面建立临时救助制度,城乡低保标准分别提高9.97%和14.1%,残疾军人、烈属和老复员军人等优抚对象抚恤和生活补助标准提高20%以上。

We worked to strengthen employment and social security. We improved the policies to stimulate employment and initiated the scheme to help college students and graduates to start businesses, ensuring a steady increase in the employment of college graduates. We unified the basic pension systems for rural residents and non-working urban residents and increased basic pension benefits for enterprise retirees by a further 10%. Construction began on 7.4 million government-subsidized housing units, and 5.11 million such units were basically completed. We established a nationwide temporary-assistance system, increased subsistence allowances by 9.97% for urban residents and 14.1% for rural residents, and increased subsidies and living allowances by more than 20% for disabled military personnel, families of revolutionary martyrs, and old-age veterans.

继续促进教育公平。加强贫困地区义务教育薄弱学校建设,提高家庭经济困难学生资助水平,国家助学贷款资助标准大幅上调。中等职业学校免学费补助政策扩大到三年。实行义务教育免试就近入学政策,28 个省份实现了农民工随迁子女在流入地参加高考。贫困地区农村学生上重点高校人数连续两年增长 10%以上。经过努力,全国财政性教育经费支出占国内生产总值比例超过 4%。

We continued to make progress in securing fair access to education. We strengthened efforts to improve badly built and poorly operated schools providing compulsory education in poor areas, increased financial aid to students from poor families, and significantly increased the amount available per eligible student for national study assistance loans. The scheme to subsidize the waiving of tuition fees at schools providing secondary vocational education was extended to cover three years of study. Policies have been introduced to ensure that children can receive compulsory education at schools close to where they live without having to take entrance exams, and 28 provincial-level administrative areas began to allow children who live with their migrant worker parents to take the college entrance exam in their cities of residence. The number of students from poor rural areas who were newly enrolled in key colleges and universities increased by more than 10% for the second year running. Through hard work, government spending on education has come to reach over 4% of GDP.

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